Cashflow Modelling

Cashflow Modelling Software is the 21st century version of the countless spreadsheets financial planners offered in the past.  We start by inputting your current financial situation and income streams – this could include savings, ISA’s, investments, and pensions.  Our cashflow modelling software then builds a projection using many years of market data to give you a clear idea of your financial future.  We can also stress-test your plan by simulating stock market booms and crashes to show you a best and worst case scenario.

What Future Scenarios can we Run?

Once a model is built of your current financial situation it becomes a living document and we can simulate a wide range of additions to your plan and see what would happen long term.  Here are some scenarios:

You would like to switch from a low-risk to medium or high-risk pension investment strategy

You receive a windfall and would like to see how it affects your plan

You become ill and your income and pension contributions reduce

Interest rates change and you want to see how much income you could receive from the banks

You would like a higher retirement income and want to know how much extra you would need to pay into your pension to achieve it

You would like to buy a new car or the holiday of a lifetime and want to see how it would affect long term regular income

Why Cashflow Modelling is the Future

The vast rise in technology and metrics has allowed some amazing pieces of software to help us in our daily lives.  Things like online banking, e-commerce, and video calling have revolutionised industries, and cashflow modelling is the one to watch in the financial advice sector.

The way pensions have changed recently to give everyone pension freedoms also means that the responsibility of managing your pension is placed firmly on you.  If you want to burn out your entire pension in 10 years by withdrawing lump sums and then live on your state pension, the choice is yours, but with cashflow modelling at least it won’t come as a shock.

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